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Can I Get a Vasectomy in my 20’s?

Legally, the age limit for a vasectomy in Australia is 18. However, whether a young man can or can’t get a vasectomy at 26 in practice depends on the vasectomy doctor and the…

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How much does a vasectomy cost in QLD?

In these times of rising prices, many people are asking how much a vasectomy costs in Queensland. A vasectomy has always been the most cost-effective form of family planning, and that hasn’t changed….


Vasectomy in the Post COVID world for Families

Men often ask if I have a “busy time of the year” or a “vasectomy season”; some seem disappointed when I say I don’t. Most days at the clinic are predictable, with a…

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Vasectomy Recovery Pain: Expectation and Management

Everything you need to know about recovering from a Vasectomy Vasectomy recovery pain concerns men that went through the procedure, and most of them ask me if no scalpel vasectomy is better. This…