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Do Testicles Swell After Vasectomy

Swelling is one of the ways the body heals itself.  When men ask do testicles swell after vasectomy the answer is yes. It is normal.  This is usually very mild but if men aren’t expecting it, they may worry unnecessarily.   Before undertaking any medical procedure, even a minor one like getting a mole removed or having a vasectomy, you should do as much research from reliable sources as possible. Vasectomy Queensland website is full of informative videos that will answer almost every question you have regarding getting a vasectomy in Brisbane. This includes the question do testicles swell after vasectomy but here is a blog with some more detailed information.

Swelling is a normal way for the body to heal itself and so it is completely normal to have swelling after a vasectomy.  Testicles swelling after a vasectomy should be expected.  You may be wondering what causes do testicles swell after vasectomy.  In short it is a process called the inflammatory cascade.  Many things can lead to inflammation including injury, infection, or chemical irritants.  Even a sunburn triggers the same inflammatory cascade.  Although the trigger may be vastly different, the body responds in a common way, that is inflammation.  The surrounding tissue releases a cocktail of chemicals into the area called cytokines and chemokines.  These biological chemicals promote inflammation.  You probably already know the signs of inflammation without even knowing it. They are pain, heat, redness and swelling.  

It may be reassuring to know the answer to do testicles swell after vasectomy but how much is too much swelling and when should you be worried?  Testicles have a range of sizes.  Normal testes are between 15-25mls.  A doctor can use a tool called an orchidometer to measure the size of the testes. An orchidometer isn’t complicated, it is simply a beaded chain with balls of different sizes.  It is very normal for the testes to change over time.  One is usually a little larger than the other and even this may change over time.  Not many men have an orchidometer at home so it helps to think of other things men may be more familiar with. Normal testical swelling after a vasectomy to the size of two eggs is pretty standard.  Even if a testicle doubles in size you shouldn’t be alarmed. Testicular swelling to the size of an avocado or fist is excessive and you should let your doctor know. 

Some people may ask why it is normal for the testicles to swell after a vasectomy, if the procedure takes place on the vas deferens.  A vasectomy is a medical procedure to cut a tiny vessel called the vas deferans. The vas deferens is just one of many tubes inside the scrotum. These tubes are loosely connected together in the same way that a cable may contain a number of individual wires. The collection of tubes makes up a structure called the spermatic cord and the spermatic cord runs from the groin down to the testis.   As the biological chemicals of inflammation (cytokines and chemokines) are made from the surrounding tissue they spread out randomly in all directions.  They may travel up along the spermatic cord causing inflammation into the groin or down the spermatic cord to the testicles.  This is what leads the testicles to swell after vasectomy.

Inflammation is a normal part of healing although it can be uncomfortable.  As tissue becomes inflamed it swells and the stretch of the tissue activates stretch receptors which is what people feel as pain.  If a man was to have a vasectomy in Brisbane at Queensland Vasectomy at 12 noon, his body would probably be starting to sense the procedure and release cytokines and chemokines fifteen minutes later.  However, it may take a few days for the cytokines and chemokines to cause swelling, and thus stretch of the tissue causing discomfort.  This explains why men often feel more swollen and uncomfortable a few days after their vasectomy Brisbane.  If you do nothing the body will eventually heal itself and the discomfort goes away however, there are four things men can do to limit the inflammation and thus limit the amount their testicles swell following a vasectomy at Queensland Vasectomy. 

The first thing men can do to limit testicles swelling after a vasectomy is to wear supportive underwear.  Firm underpants will offer some support to the scrotum and limit swelling.  Think of underpants as a bandage for your scrotum. Firm is best. It’s easy to do and can make your time with vasectomy Queensland much more pleasant.

The second thing men can do to limit testicle swelling following a vasectomy is to use ice packs or frozen peas.  This is especially true for the first 6 hours after their vasectomy in Brisbane.  The more ice you can use the more you slow down the release of cytokines and chemokines. Thus reducing the inflammatory cascade and speeding up your recovery from vasectomy.

Number three to reduce testicle swelling after a vasectomy is to take anti-inflammatories.  Simple anti-inflammatories such as ibuprofen reduce the cytokines and chemokines released in response to a vasectomy.  There will still be enough inflammation for the body to heal but you will probably feel more comfortable.  Remember, it takes time for chemokines and cytokines to cause swelling, and even longer for tissue to stretch. So if you are uncomfortable it may take a day or two for you to notice that the anti-inflammatories are working.  Keep taking them.  About 5 % of men get a delayed inflammatory response and the inflammatory cascade only starts a week or so following their appointment at Vasectomy Queensland.

Resting will help reduce the testicles swelling after a vasectomy.  The body is already trying to heal, so the less additional stress you can put on it the better. Just give it time and be sensible.   You are fine to walk around the house and help put children to bed but don’t go to gym or for a run immediately after your vasectomy in Queensland, even if you feel alright.

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