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Does Vasectomy Affect Libido

Some men may be curious to know, does vasectomy affect libido?  A vasectomy (like any medical procedure) comes with some risks such as bleeding or infection, but a change in libido is not one of them. Vasectomy does not affect libido. Male libido is controlled primarily by the amount of testosterone men have and this can be easily measured through a blood test. Vasectomy does not change the level of testosterone men make and as a result, vasectomy does not affect libido.  Your libido will neither increase nor decrease following a vasectomy although you will be able to enjoy sex without the worry of a pregnancy.  A vasectomy is the most reliable and safest form of contraception.  It is much much safer than a tubal ligation or the oral contraceptive pill.  Unlike a vasectomy some forms of contraception are hormonal (such as the pill or mirena) and they can affect libido.

Testosterone is made by both men and women although men make much more. Testosterone is responsible for muscle development, hair growth, and a number of other body functions including sexual desire aka libido.  Testerone is a type of steroid hormone.  It is made in a number of organs including the adrenal glands, but over 95% of a man’s testosterone is made by the testicles.  During a vasectomy there is a tiny cut in the vessel carrying sperm away from the testicles but nothing happens to the testicles themselves.  Some men may worry does vasectomy affect libido?  They have no need to lose any sleep. The simple fact is that nothing happens to the testicles during a vasectomy, so nothing happens to testosterone levels, and a vasectomy does not affect libido. 

While men report no change in libido following their vasectomy, the same can’t completely be said of their partners. Some women actually report an increase in their sex drive following their partners vasectomy.   This may be a surprise for the partners of men getting a vasectomy Brisbane.  So when asking, does vasectomy affect libido of the man’s partner?  The answer may in fact be yes, in some situations. While it is easy to measure testosterone levels, the psychological impact of a vasectomy can be harder to predict.    

It doesn’t take a psychiatrist to explain why some women report an increase in their libido following their partner’s vasectomy.  There are a few possibilities but the leading explanation is that women are able to relax in the moment without a little voice in the back of their heads worrying about getting pregnant.  Obviously sex is much more enjoyable if you aren’t worrying about the future impact on your body and your life.  When asking women of men getting vasectomy Brisbane I think the answers are a little different.  Although some women feel more relaxed with more reliable contraception; I think all women feel closer to their partners after they have had an appointment at Vasectomy Queensland.  It is one of the few concrete ways men can demonstrate that they care for their partners and are sharing in the responsibility of family planning.  Being a team player matters.

Aging is a normal part of life and as men age their testosterone levels decline.  The effects of this decline start to be noticed by men in their 30s.  It is normal for  men in their 30s to start losing some muscle mass, develop a bit of a spare tyre and also not be as fit as they once were. In addition to these changes men often report a decrease in libido during this stage of life.  This decline in libido is the same, and testerone levels the same, whether a man has had a vasectomy or not.  A vasectomy will not increase a man’s libido, nor will it decrease it.  Men who have had a vasectomy in Brisbane can be confident that a vasectomy does not affect libido.

Some men confuse a vasectomy with a castration. Although both procedures happen in the scrotum they are totally different things.  A castration is the removal of the testicles.  Men who have had a castration are called eunuchs.  You may have heard the term in Game of Thrones or other movies.  Occasionally a man may have a castration for medical reasons. The name of this operation is an orchidectomy.  Prostate cancer feeds on testerone; so for men who have prostate cancer throughout their bodies they may have their testicles removed.  The reduction in testosterone helps to slow down the cancer; giving them more time to spend with their families and loved ones.

I hope this blog has helped alleviate some of the misconceptions regarding a vasectomy. Does vasectomy affect libido? Absolutely not!  Men getting vasectomy Brisbane can sleep easy knowing that they are taking control of their family planning.  Their partners however may be surprised that their own libido increases but this is not so easy to predict.  If you have any further questions please contact Vasectomy Queensland. 

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