Dr Sheehan performs vasectomies every weekday and the first Saturday of each month.


The out-of-pocket cost for a vasectomy is $480. (The total cost of the procedure is $735 but you will receive $255 back from Medicare).


Patients do NOT need a referral from a GP.

Vasectomy Clinics Queensland

World-class vasectomy care available for Brisbane men. Dr Sheehan at Queensland Vasectomy, Brisbane, is available Monday to Friday. Dr Sheehan is a born and raised Brisbane doctor who exclusively performs vasectomies. Many Brisbane doctors only offer vasectomies once a week or once a fortnight, Dr Sheehan offers them every day of the week as well as some Saturdays each month.

Modern No Scalpel Open-ended Vasectomy Technique


More affordable vasectomies for Brisbane men

Dr Sheehan and Queensland Vasectomy don’t believe that finances should be a barrier to one of the safest and most reliable forms of contraception for men. Medicare rebate processed on the spot when you pay making your total out of pocket expenses only $480.  It may take a day or two for the rebate to appear in your bank account.

Faster recovery and less down time so you’re back on your feet quicker. Less time off work. Have your vasectomy on a Friday then back to work as normal on Monday. Many Brisbane vasectomy clinics require you to have your compulsory pre op counselling on a separate day to your procedure, which means more time off work to attend two separate appointments.

Same-day counselling and procedure available at Queensland Vasectomy, Brisbane.

Vasectomies available daily Monday to Friday, and some Saturdays each month.

Vasectomy myths

Vasectomy does NOT affect your sexual function. Having a vasectomy at our Brisbane clinic means you’ll receive world-class care at an affordable price. Vasectomy is the safest and most reliable form of contraception.
• NO change or reduction in testosterone
• NO erectile dysfunction problems
• NO effect upon your virility or ‘manliness’
• NO reduction in libido or sex drive
• NO increased risk of prostate cancer
Are you a candidate for a vasectomy?

Queensland Vasectomy, Brisbane, is conveniently located across the road from the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital at Herston Health. Choosing to have a vasectomy in Brisbane has never been easier, safer or more affordable.  Dr Sheehan also regularly performs Vasectomies in Bundaberg at The Friendlies Medical Suites.
To book your vasectomy with Dr Sheehan, call (07) 3180 1505 or contact us online.


The team at Queensland Vasectomy is dedicated to providing expert vasectomies in the most convenient way.  We are based in Brisbane across the road from The Royal Brisbane Hospital.   We do everything we can to fit in with your schedule and get you back on your feet as soon as possible.


Dr Sheehan completed medical school at the University of Queensland and worked as a rural GP before training as a vasectomist in the USA. He has now returned to Brisbane to provide world class vasectomy care to the men of Brisbane.


  • Vasectomy does NOT effect testosterone levels
  • Vasectomy does NOT effect erectile function
  • Vasectomy does NOT reduce virility or “manliness”
  • Vasectomy does NOT effect libido or “sex drive”
  • Vasectomy does NOT increase risk of prostate cancer