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Vasectomy in the Post COVID world for Families

Men often ask if I have a “busy time of the year” or a “vasectomy season”; some seem disappointed when I say I don’t. Most days at the clinic are predictable, with a steady stream of men arriving, getting the snip and driving home.  All up they are in the clinic for about an hour. I love that vasectomies help families take control of their future with confidence. And I love the predictability of my work. Fridays and Saturdays are busier, but month to month vasectomy rates stay the same.  People are obviously preoccupied with surviving at the moment and so there has been a fall in vasectomy numbers.

The coronavirus lockdown has certainly changed the world and it will take a little while for life to get going again, but it will. In subtle ways, life has continued these last few weeks, perhaps without us even noticing. In fact, a few of the people reading this article may be pregnant now and not even know it yet.  About 4% of women on the pill will get pregnant per year. 8% of women over two years, etc etc.

In my career the only time I remember a similar fall in vasectomy numbers were the 2011 Brisbane floods.  Couples stuck at home resulted in a lot of pregnancies; some planned and some not-so-planned. It’s remarkable to think that those children would be 8 years old now!

After the lull in 2011 floods, we had a baby-boom and a lot of men seeking vasectomies.  I think the same thing could happen this time around with generation of “coronials” and a wave of fathers coming in for the snip.

This isolation time might be a good chance for you and your partner to discuss if you want more children or not.  If you do decide that your family is complete a vasectomy may be a great option for you and your family.

Stay safe.
Dr Nat Sheehan

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