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How Long After a Vasectomy Can I Have Sex?

Here at my Brisbane vasectomy clinic, many men have questions about when it is safe to resume sexual activity. It is important to be aware that a vasectomy is not effective straight away…

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Is a Vasectomy Worth it? Five things you Need to Consider

If you are a Brisbane man reading this blog, you may well be asking yourself is a vasectomy worth it?  Getting any medical procedure, like getting your wisdom teeth out or a mole…

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Mythbusting: Will my Vasectomy be Painful?

One of the most common misconceptions for many men is that their vasectomy will be painful, when the truth is, often it isn’t. Almost every single man getting a vasectomy is pleasantly surprised…

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Offering the best care to men looking for a vasectomy in Queensland

Vasectomy in Queensland: All you need to Know from a leading provider Looking for a vasectomy in Queensland? At Queensland Vasectomy we offer the very best in vasectomy care in Brisbane and throughout…

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Different Options for Vasectomy Procedures

Know Your Options: Different Vasectomy Procedures While previously limited to scalpel procedures, there are now a number of different vasectomy procedures that men can choose from. At Queensland Vasectomy, we guide men through…

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Vasectomy in Queensland: World Class Care for Queensland Men

At Queensland Vasectomy we offer the very best in vasectomy care in Brisbane and throughout locations in Queensland.  That’s because Dr Nathanael Sheehan is a Queenslander.   Dr Sheehan started Queensland Vasectomy with…

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Managing Vasectomy Recovery Pain – Expectations and Tips

What You Need To Know About Recovering From a Vasectomy Vasectomy recovery pain concerns men that went through the procedure, and most of them ask me if no scalpel vasectomy is better. This…

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How Long Should You Rest After Vasectomy

How long should you rest after vasectomy is a common question for patients visiting Vasectomy Queensland. Men getting a vasectomy live busy lives.  They have pressures to get back to work, caring for…


Can You Go To Work The Day After A Vasectomy

Men getting a vasectomy in Queensland are busy. “Can you go to work the day after a vasectomy” is the most frequently asked in our clinic Vasectomy Queensland.  These men have young families…

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Does Vasectomy Affect Libido

Some men may be curious to know, does vasectomy affect libido?  A vasectomy (like any medical procedure) comes with some risks such as bleeding or infection, but a change in libido is not…