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Can I Get a Vasectomy in my 20’s?

Legally, the age limit for a vasectomy in Australia is 18. However, whether a young man can or can’t get a vasectomy at 26 in practice depends on the vasectomy doctor and the patient’s individual circumstances. There are a number of clinics offering vasectomy in Brisbane and even more offering vasectomy in Queensland. They all have different answers when asked “Can I get a vasectomy at 26?”  Men wanting a vasectomy in their 20s may want to consider a few things in particular while researching a vasectomy in Brisbane. You may be at the stage of asking yourself can I get a vasectomy at 26, but that doesn’t mean necessarily mean you should right now. Vasectomy may be a great option for you eventually, but perhaps not at 26.

Even though you can get a vasectomy at 26 you may regret it later. Men in their 20s, especially if they do not have any children, may wish that they hadn’t had a vasectomy at such a young age. This is particularly true if they get a vasectomy reversal and their reversal is not successful.  Vasectomy reversals are not covered by Medicare and may be an expensive process for Queensland men.  

I really recommend any young man who calls Vasectomy Queensland to ask themselves some extra questions, not just “can I get a vasectomy at 26 but also should I get one now”, before booking in for a vasectomy Brisbane.  These are some extra things to consider:


Things may change.  

There are men and women in their 20s who think they will never want children, only to be very happy when they become parents in their 30s.  People can change a lot over 10 years but vasectomies are hard to undo. The success of a reversal decreases with time.  So, a man who gets a vasectomy at age 18, is less likely to have a successful reversal at age 35 compared to a man who only had a vasectomy a few years earlier. By getting a vasectomy at 26 you may be prematurely removing any chance to change your mind later.


Relationships change.

Just as people change, so do relationships.  You and your partner may be very happy with a life of just the two of you. If that relationship were to end and a new one start, you may be very keen to have children with your new partner. Infact, not having children may even be a deal breaker for any potential partner.  Getting a vasectomy at 26 might be at an age where you are still in your first serious relationship. It is possible that you might feel different about sharing parenthood with someone else.


Sperm storage

If you decide on getting a vasectomy in your 20s, you might want some insurance. Storing sperm gives a bit of peace of mind, particularly to men who want a vasectomy in their 20s. There are several locations in Brisbane that store sperm.  It is a relatively easy process and costs about $500 for an initial deposit plus $500 storage per year.  This may be a good insurance option for men getting a vasectomy under 30 as well as for men who don’t have any children.  Freezing sperm is generally not a requirement for young men getting a vasectomy at Vasectomy Queensland, however I strongly recommended that you consider it.


Let it sit a while. 

Just because you can get a vasectomy at 26, doesn’t mean 27 or 30 isn’t a better age.   What are you and your partner currently doing for contraception? There are a lot of options for contraception and you may not need to rush your decision to have a vasectomy.  A vasectomy can always be done next month, or next year but once it’s done. It’s done!


Alternative contraception. 

If you and your partner are having problems with one form of contraception you may want to try another one that isn’t as permanent as a vasectomy.  A talk with your GP may fix a problem without the need for a vasectomy at a young age.


Everyone is in a different situation. It’s hard for a doctor to really get to know your specific personal situation in a 20 minute consultation.  If possible, you may want to talk to your parents or someone who you trust. You may be surprised to know if your own father considered a vasectomy at your age.  Someone older may have a different perspective than yourself.  It never hurts to seek extra advice before making your own decision, especially from someone whose opinion you value.



Legally you have to be 18 to get a vasectomy in Queensland, Australia.  This doesn’t necessarily mean you can get a vasectomy at age 18, or even in your 20s.  Every vasectomy doctor feels a little differently about vasectomies on young men, or vasectomies on men without children. I have my own unique experience as a Vasectomy Queensland doctor.  I have seen men seeking reversals wishing they hadn’t had a vasectomy, and I have also seen men accompany their partners to abortion clinics wishing they had had a vasectomy ealier.  If you are still in your 20s it may be worth calling the vasectomy clinic to ask if they will perform a vasectomy for someone in your situation. There appears to be a lot of variation between the clinics offering vasectomy in Queensland. Calling ahead and asking “Can I get a vasectomy at 26” appears to be a good first step. Most doctors honestly just want to do what they feel is best for their patients.  


There is a growing trend for young men with no children to seek vasectomies in Brisbane. For some,  they do not want to add to the environmental burden more and more people are placing on the planet. For other young men, they simply don’t want to pass their own genetic material on to another generation. Some are fulfilled being uncles, foster dads, sports coaches, teachers or father figures in other ways.  Getting a vasectomy at any age is a big decision, but a vasectomy at 26 is an especially big decision. You should do your homework and please don’t rush. You can always get a vasectomy next month, or next year.

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