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Queensland Vasectomy is now operating a clinic in Mackay, offering world class specialist services vasectomy for Mackay men, including scalpel free vasectomy.

Dr Sheehan, a leading vasectomy doctor who specialises in the procedure, regularly visits Mackay South Side Medical to perform vasectomies. This minor procedure offers permanent contraception, with minimal down time, for men who have decided not to extend or have a family. 

Residents of Mackay and Capricornia, including Moranbah, Middlemount, Clermont and Proserpine can now book to have their vasectomy closer to home in Mackay. There is no additional cost to having your vasectomy in Mackay. But as Mackay spots are in high demand, we do ask for a larger deposit at the time of booking. 

About Dr Sheehan

Dr Nathanael Sheehan specialises in No Scalpel vasectomies at Queensland Vasectomy, which operates from various clinics around the state. Dr Sheehan is a full-time vasectomy specialist and director of No Scalpel Vasectomy Australia; the peak representative body for vasectomists in Australia.  He performs more than 10000 vasectomies and each year (roughly 5% of all vasectomies in Australia).

After completing his medical studies at The University of Queensland and working as a rural GP, Dr Sheehan undertook extensive, specialised training as a vasectomist in the USA. Dr Sheehan undertakes annual medical aid trips to the Philippines where he helps to train local doctors in vasectomy and also offer his services for free to the local population. For more information, or if you would like to see some photos please visit

Dr Sheehan is a fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, and is actively involved in The University of Queensland’s School of Medicine. He complies with the high standards of the American Urological Association Vasectomy Guidelines.

Dr Nat Sheehan

How Much Does a Vasectomy Cost?

The cost of no-scalpel Vasectomy’s at Vasectomy Queensland:

Vasectomy Fee $735
Less Medicare Rebate $255
Out-of-Pocket Cost $480

You can use the button at the top of this page to find available times and easily book a vasectomy online with us at our Mackay Vasectomy Clinic.

Nat was a relaxed, down to earth, every day guy who made our experience easy and stress free. Clear information and post procedure instructions; thanks very much!
Emma Barker
Emma Barker
For me the information video made all the difference. All questions are answered before you even step foot in the door. Also couldn’t believe how quickly it was over. It’s now been 5 hours since the op and still no need for painkillers. I highly recommend Dr Sheehan.
Awesome procedure with very minimal uncomfort
Stephen Longden
Stephen Longden
I highly recommend Dr Sheehan, he was very professional and supportive during the whole process. The procedure was pain free and I had minimal discomfort after the procedure. Additionally Brigitte at the front desk was very friendly and efficient.
Ross G
Ross G
Dr Sheehan and his team have done an amazing amount of work to make sure all information is available on their website. The pre appointment video also helps provide all the information required to help make the choice. The procedure couldn't have been any smoother, Dr Sheehan presents well and is all to happy to assist in any last question or pre op nerves. Explained what he was doing through the whole procedures so there are no supprised, honestly slight sting with first needle and that was it, no pain there after. Thanks again Dr Sheehan and your amazing team, left a happy man and don't know what all the fuss is about.
aaron pillar
aaron pillar
Great experience, happy I chose to go here!
Mal McLennan
Mal McLennan
Queensland Vasectomy was recommended to me by a friend. I was quite anxious about the procedure in the lead up. Grace at reception was very welcoming and Dr. Sheehan was very reassuring and relaxed putting me at ease immediately. The procedure was over in roughly 30 minutes. I would certainly recommend Queensland Vasectomy to any of my friends who are thinking of having this procedure.
Danny Lorraway
Danny Lorraway
Dr Sheehan is the man to go to for no scalpel vasectomy! From start to finish, the journey was seamless, quick and best of all, successful! I highly recommend QLD Vasectomy and am very thankful for how they’ve improved my quality of life!
Lehi Paynter
Lehi Paynter
Dr.Sheehan was an absolute professional and the whole process was seamless. I had very little discomfort and the post-operative care was spot on. I am very pleased I chose Queensland Vasectomy. Definite A+++
Shane Dalupan
Shane Dalupan
I looked over these reviews to help inform my decision to visit this clinic and they’re all spot on. Dr Sheehan and the clinic are very professional making you feel comfortable throughout the process. Vasectomy itself is quick and painless with a mild ache for a week. All information is well explained on the website.
Charles Huxley
Charles Huxley

How a Vasectomy Works

Are you interested in scheduling a vasectomy in Mackay? When you book with us, you will receive pre-op counseling and the procedure on the same day, typically taking around 45 minutes. This means you’ll only need minimal time away from work, and you are fine to drive yourself home.

Watch the Virtual Consultation to Learn:

  1. How long the procedure takes
  2. What happens during and after the procedure?
  3. How long it takes to recover and when you can go back to work
  4. If there are any complications that may occur with this surgery,

Our Clinic Address

Mackay SouthSide Medical
7 Juliet Street, Mackay, Mackay, QLD, 4740

Frequently Asked Questions About Vasectomies

A vasectomy is quite simply a procedure where the tubes carrying sperm are severed.  This stops the sperm from exiting the body and causing a pregnancy.  A vasectomy takes around 20 minutes in an office clinic and most men are able to drive themselves home, requiring a day or two of rest for a complete recovery. There are a lot of different vessels inside a man’s scrotum but only the tube carrying sperm, the vas deferens, is cut. This means that, while you will still be able to ejaculate, the actual sperm itself does not leave the body. And while there are different vasectomy procedures, in every procedure it will take at least 20 ejaculations to empty the vas deferens of residual sperm. During this time men should continue alternative contraception.

While previously limited to scalpel procedures, there are now a number of different vasectomy procedures that men can choose from. At Queensland Vasectomy, we guide men through the options, to help them make an informed decision about what vasectomy procedure is best for them. Queensland men can enjoy the best possible vasectomy care at our clinics in Brisbane and around the state.

Vasectomies have come a long way in the past 10 years, with new techniques and procedures now offering far greater choice. Although there are a number of different vasectomy procedures, at Queensland Vasectomy, we opt for the least invasive approach, offering no scalpel open-ended procedures. This can mean a quicker recovery time with less discomfort, than older, more invasive techniques. These cutting edge techniques offer you world-class vasectomy care right here in Queensland.

For more information, please visit our Vasectomy Surgical Options page.

About Queensland Vasectomy 

The team at Queensland Vasectomy are highly dedicated to providing you with expert vasectomies and the very highest level of pre and post vasectomy care. We offer Queensland men the gold standard in vasectomy care at our specialist vasectomy clinics, located in various cities around Queensland, including Mackay.

You’ll only ever need to have one vasectomy, which is why at Queensland Vasectomy we believe it’s important to have a skilled and highly experienced doctor and team who specialise and excel in the vasectomy procedure.