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Managing Vasectomy Recovery Pain – Expectations and Tips

What You Need To Know About Recovering From a Vasectomy

Vasectomy recovery pain concerns men that went through the procedure, and most of them ask me if no scalpel vasectomy is better. This new technique comes with fewer complications and men can generally expect to be back at work within two days. Most men take some paracetamol or ibuprofen for a few days.  Almost all men are pleasantly surprised by how little vasectomy recovery pain there is, but there are definitely a few things you can do to minimize any discomfort.  

No scalpel vasectomy was developed by an American urologist, Dr. Philip Li, in the 1990s and became widely accepted as the gold standard vasectomy in the 2000s.  In many ways, no scalpel vasectomy is better than a traditional vasectomy.  There is less chance of bleeding or infection, although both of these are very rare in any vasectomy technique.  The main improvement is that of vasectomy recovery pain.  As the no scalpel technique is much less invasive, less tissue needs to heal.

How To Manage It

About 5% of men will take tablets for a week or more, about 50% of men take tablets for 2 or 3 days, 25% of men take the single take-home pack of tablets and 20% of men do not take any medication  (despite being given tablets by the doctor).  In this way, a vasectomy is comparable to the discomfort women experience during a bad period.  Paracetamol and anti-inflammatories will help reduce any vasectomy recovery pain that men may feel.   It is good to have some at home, ready to use in the days following your vasectomy.

Ice packs are a great way to reduce inflammation. Thus reducing any vasectomy recovery pain.  Reducing inflammation will reduce tissue swelling.  It is stretched and swollen tissue that men feel as pain.  Just like a sprained ankle, getting some ice onto the area before things start to swell can help speed recovery and get men back to work after vasectomy.

Just as strapping an injury with a bandage can help reduce swelling so can wearing firm underwear.  It is good to think of underwear as a bandage for your scrotum.  They don’t need to be super tight but wearing supportive underwear can also reduce swelling and thus minimize vasectomy recovery pain.


We recommend that men getting a vasectomy at any of our Brisbane, Cairns or Bundaberg clinics have the day of their procedure and the following day off work.  If you work in an office you may be fine to go back to work the day after your vasectomy.  If you have a physical job it’s important to give your body time to heal. While every man wants to get back to work as soon as possible after their vasectomy, doing too much, too soon can actually prolong your recovery.  While you won’t do any long term damage, you will probably feel more vasectomy recovery pain than other men. In general men should take the day of their vasectomy and the following day off and try to be off your feet as much as possible.

At Vasectomy Queensland, we recommend that men take a full 7 days before running or returning to the gym; even if you feel fine!  If you are desperate to get to the gym a few days earlier and want to go through the motions with some light upper body dumbbells, that is reasonable. However, most men who run into trouble do things just a day or two too soon.  Definitely wait a full 7 days before squats, deadlifts or any weights where you are getting tight.  For running, definitely wait 7 days.

Vasectomies are remarkably simple provided men follow the steps.  Choose an experienced Vasectomist.  No scalpel vasectomy are better as they have lower complication rates.  Get some ice packs and anti-inflammatories ready to use at home.  Wear supportive underwear.  Take some time for your body to heal. Most importantly, gradually get back into things.  Following these simple steps can help minimize vasectomy recovery pain.

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