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How much does a vasectomy cost in QLD?

During these times of rising prices a lot of people are asking how much does a vasectomy cost in Queensland.  A vasectomy has always been the most cost effective form of family planning. That hasn’t changed. Vasectomy costs may have actually fallen depending on where you live in Queensland. This may surprise people who are starting to research how much is a vasectomy in Queensland. Some additional vasectomy costs may not be so obvious a first.  It’s worth considering how much vasectomy may cost in time off work, discomfort and inconvenience. People can pay vastly different amounts for a vasectomy and should consider not just if, but how and who to get a vasectomy from in Queensland.  

Not getting a vasectomy may cost a lot more than you planned (the costs of an unplanned pregnancy).  Medicine, like life, is not without its surprises.  Condoms can fail, as can the pill, Mirena, injections or Implanon. Even women who have had their tubes tied may go on to have an unplanned pregnancy.  Vasectomies are the most reliable form of contraception for a fertile couple.  So if you’re at a stage of life where a surprise pregnancy would disrupt your plans, it’s important to do everything you can to prevent that financial stress on your family. Children cost a fortune. Literally!  And not getting a vasectomy may cost you one.  A lot of things add up, a new car, bigger house, school fees and a lot of nappies. Not to mention the time your partner (or yourself) may have to take off work when a new bundle of joy arrives.  Recent estimates show raising a child in Queensland costs well over $1million.  Instead of asking how much does a vasectomy cost in Queensland, you may want to flip the question and ask how much could a vasectomy save you.

Getting a Mirena or Implanon inserted and removed usually costs several hundred dollars and needs repeating every few years. Injections require time off work, the costs of the drugs and that doesn’t even account for the cost of the appointment.   Even a box of  condoms or a script for the pill leaves your wallet a little lighter, each and every time. It’s easy to have the little costs multiply. Australians spend an estimated $33 million on condoms every year. Every trip to the GP or pharmacy is time out of your partner’s career, or less time together as a family.   A vasectomy is done once and lasts forever.  The answer to how much does a vasectomy cost in Queensland can depend on what you compare it to. A vasectomy provides great value for money, compared to other contraception. 

Taking time off work to have a vasectomy is also a cost to consider.  Most men with a no scalpel vasectomy are back on their feet sooner than they expect, meaning less time away from work, thus reducing the costs of a vasectomy.  Having a local anesthetic also means that  men drive themselves to and from the vasectomy clinic.  This eliminates the need for their partners to take time off work and the logistics of minding children or the headaches of organising a chaperone.   

There is a Medicare rebate to help cover how much a vasectomy costs in Queensland.   This helps reduce the out of pocket vasectomy costs.  There are several ways to claim the rebate from Medicare. The easiest way is the myGov app. Item numbers are the codes given to medical procedures. The item number for a vasectomy is 37623 and has a current medicare rebate of $206.  There is another item number for the consultation which may be 3,23,36, or 44.  Most vasectomy doctors in Queensland bulk bill the consultation, so there is no fee for this. There is some variation in how much a vasectomy costs in Queensland but the medicare rebate is the same throughout Australia.

Private health insurers are prohibited from helping with the costs of out-of-hospital procedures (including vasectomies) for Australians.  However some international health insurers do help with the costs of a vasectomy.  If you are not an Australian resident, you should send a copy of your receipt to your health insurer.  They may reimburse you some or all of the cost of your vasectomy.   

People are often surprised at how reasonable the cost of a vasectomy is and ask how this is possible. No scalpel vasectomy avoids the costs of getting a referral from your GP, initial appointment with a surgeon, hospital admission, operating room staff or a second doctor to perform a general anesthetic.  As a result most people are pleasantly surprised when they find out how much is a vasectomy in Queensland. Patients may pay anywhere from $500 to $10000 for a vasectomy in Queensland depending on the setting. Most men just want to get things over and done with, with minimal downtime.  How to get a vasectomy in Queensland, can be as important a question as, how much a vasectomy costs in Queensland. 

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