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How Long Should You Rest After Vasectomy

How long should you rest after vasectomy is a common question for patients visiting Vasectomy Queensland. Men getting a vasectomy live busy lives.  They have pressures to get back to work, caring for children, and maintaining their homes.  At Vasectomy Queensland we try very hard to make your vasectomy run smoothly and get you back on your feet as soon as possible  after a vasectomy.  Watching our consultation videos, shaving, wearing underwear, using an ice pack and taking some anti-inflammatories are all ways you can make the process run as smoothly as possible.  Online bookings and combining consultation and procedure into the one appointment also limit your down time.  There is no general anesthetic, so there is no need for you to have a chaperone.  Almost everyone drives themselves to and from their vasectomy.  After your vasectomy you should take a while to rest, even if you feel fine. Exactly how long should you rest after vasectomy is a little different for everyone as some people take longer than others to heal.  For most men it is wise to take the day of their vasectomy plus the following day off work. You can go to work the day after a vasectomy if you are working from a desk and you really really want to, but you probably won’t be very productive. So even for these men we recommend a rest day to let your body heal following your appointment at Vasectomy Queensland.

You don’t need to lay down in bed with a chamber pot but still try to rest. Most men coming to Vasectomy Queensland have young families and it’s reasonable to help feed one child, wrestle another one into pajamas or feed a third.  However, you shouldn’t go for a run or to the gym for at least a week.  Walking from the couch to the kitchen or toilet is totally fine but don’t get the mower out, or take the dog for a walk.  Ducking into the shops to pick up some bread and milk is reasonable also but, I wouldn’t be doing the weekly groceries.  Minimising gravity is key.  Working from a laptop or sitting on the couch is perfect when it comes to how long to rest following a visit to our clinic for vasectomy Brisbane.

Most discomfort that men feel following a vasectomy is caused by gravity.  The vas deferens take up most of the load of the testicles.  Once the vas deferens is cut it obviously doesn’t take up any weight.  The rest of the weight is taken up by a little muscle called the cremaster. This is the same muscle that pulls things up when men get cold or nervous.  The cremaster will get bigger and stronger, it just takes a few days to bulk up.  Standing too much in the day following your vasectomy will give your cremaster muscles a good workout and you may feel a dull ache for a while.  You may know this as delayed onset muscle soreness.  It is the same feeling you may get a few days after a big weights session at the gym.  

Pushing a lawn mower isn’t too physical but being vertical for an hour or two might be too long.  Everyone has heard the story of the man who went home feeling fine and mowed the lawn after their vasectomy; and then woke up the next day with everything swollen.  This may be entertaining for his friends but not so much for the guy (who spends the next few weeks on the couch) or his partner looking after the kids and the house by herself.  Trust me.  You want a boring, uneventful vasectomy story.  How long should you rest after vasectomy is a question like how long is a piece of string. Definitely be as lazy as possible for 2 days and then gradually get back into things.  If things feel a little sore, ease off and take some anti-inflammatories

Most men feel pretty good the day after their vasectomy and this can give men a false sense of confidence.  It is easy to do too much and cause excessive inflammation, swelling, or a haematoma.  These men wake up the next day in a pretty poor state.  Things eventually heal but they spend the next week or two regretting their decision to “push it”.  So, how long should you rest after vasectomy depends a little on your definition of rest.  You don’t need to stay in bed but you should be gentle on your body.  Overdoing it won’t cause any permanent damage but you may wish you, and your partner, may wish that you hadn’t.

How long should you rest after vasectomy also depends on what going back to work means.  If you have a physical job I would definitely give your body a chance to rest.  If you have to go to work but can be on light duties; take the light duties. And if there is a big job that can wait, let it wait.  Most tradies have a pile of quotes, orders and paperwork to catch up on.  This may be a great day to tidy up those jobs. Even if you are sitting in an office you still have the moving around of getting to and from work.  Honestly, you probably won’t be that productive anyway. If you have sick leave, I would be taking it.  We can easily sort out a medical certificate for you from vasectomy Brisbane.  Also, if things are taking a bit longer to heal and you feel you need another few more days, we can always extend the certificate and email you a new one.  Just call.  We’re here to help get you back on your feet as soon as possible.

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