Vasectomy Medicare Process

Is Vasectomy Covered By Medicare

Some men are surprised to learn that a vasectomy is covered by Medicare. Medicare is a universal health care insurance scheme operated by the Australian federal government and funded through taxes including the medicare levy. Medicare helps contribute to the total costs of most medical services in Australia including vasectomies. So yes! Vasectomies are covered by Medicare.

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Vasectomy Medicare Rebate Process Options:


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2. You can upload a copy of your paid invoice to your Medicare Online account
3. Enter the item numbers (23 & 37623), cost, date of the vasectomy & Dr Sheehan's provider number. Download the App
4. You can complete a claim form and submit it via mail to Medicare via the post. The form can be found here:
5. You can claim your vasectomy rebate in person with Medicare. Find the nearest service here

Note: In order to claim your rebate, it is crucial that you have a copy of the invoice issued by Queensland Vasectomy. This invoice should clearly list the services you have received and confirm that your account has been paid in full. Rest assured, the invoice will be emailed to you within 48 hours of your appointment. If for any reason you haven't received your invoice, please feel free to get in touch with us at

Storing Sperm - Not covered by Medicare

Storing sperm is not in the Medicare Benefits Schedule and thus not covered by Medicare. This is entirely private although it can be a good insurance policy. I highly recommend it for young men without children.

Vasectomy Reversals - Partial Coverage by Medicare

Vasectomy reversals are in the Medical Benefits schedule and are covered by Medicare. However this is a very small amount of the total costs.

Australian Defence Force (ADF) Vasectomy Coverage

Australian Defence Force members still have access to Medicare although defence also provides medical care. Currently serving ADF members may be able to get a vasectomy covered by defence but this is usually a traditional vasectomy, under general anesthesia, and in a hospital. Unfortunately, Gold Card holders are no longer covered for vasectomies outside of a hospital. You will still be able to get your standard Medicare rebate.