Pre Op: Preparing for your Vasectomy Procedure

To ensure you experience the very best outcome with your vasectomy procedure, Dr Sheehan and the team at Queensland Vasectomy have put together a checklist of recommendations and advice to follow on the day of your vasectomy. By working together as a doctor and patient team we can ensure a better outcome for you and reduce the risk of any complications.

The day of your vasectomy procedure

  • Do not smoke. Smoking increases the risk of infection and delays healing.
  • Please shave or trim the hair around your scrotum on the morning of your vasectomy procedure. Wash thoroughly using soap. This reduces the risk of infection and helps to ensure faster healing.
  • Wear clean and supportive briefs, underpants or jockey shorts. Do NOT wear boxer shorts.
  • Remember to eat. There is no general anaesthetic required for the No Scalpel Open-ended vasectomy procedure so you do not need to fast beforehand. Eating will reduce the risk of feeling lightheaded or faint during and after your vasectomy.

Don’t forget your Medicare card

Please remember to bring your Medicare card with you on the day of your vasectomy procedure. Your Medicare rebate can be processed on the spot when you pay. If you pay by debit card (savings or cheque) your rebate will go straight into your account. We cannot put your Medicare rebate onto a credit card. If you pay by credit card, Medicare will pay you your rebate by transferring into your nominated bank account, this usually takes one to two weeks.

Pre vasectomy counselling and health check

As a vasectomy is a permanent form of male contraception or sterilisation, it is a requirement that you receive pre vasectomy counselling. You will also need to have a general health check before your vasectomy procedure. You can read more about pre vasectomy health check and counselling in Patient Information.
At Queensland Vasectomy we understand that you are busy. To ensure as little time away from work and family commitments as possible, we offer same-day counselling and vasectomy to ensure that your vasectomy procedure is as affordable and convenient as possible.

For any questions or concerns regarding your vasectomy procedure and pre op guidelines and recommendations, please contact Dr Sheehan and the team at Queensland Vasectomy on (07) 3180 1505 or contact us online.

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