What is a Vasectomy and other Patient Information

What is a vasectomy and when is it recommended? A vasectomy is one of the safest and most reliable forms of male contraception available today. It is safer than tubal ligation and has a much lower failure rate than hormonal contraceptives.

A male vasectomy will NOT affect your sexual function or performance and complications are very rare. There will be NO change in your testosterone levels, sex drive, masculinity or erections after your vasectomy.
The new No Scalpel vasectomy technique is less painful than having a mole removed and most men are back to work after two days. There are no scalpels and no general anaesthetics required.

What is a vasectomy?

You probably already know that a vasectomy is a form of contraception for men. But you might still be wondering, what is a vasectomy and how does it work?
A vasectomy is a minor surgical procedure that basically blocks the tubes (vas deferens), which carry sperm from your testes. This prevents sperm from entering semen during ejaculation, preventing pregnancy from occurring. It does not stop sperm or testosterone production in your testes. After your vasectomy, your testes still make testosterone and sperm, but the sperm remain within your testes. When the sperm die, your body simply absorbs them. This very same process happens in your body all the time—even before a vasectomy, unused sperm are broken down and reabsorbed.
Read more about exactly what occurs during the No Needle, No Scalpel vasectomy procedure in Surgical Options. (link to surgical options page)

Are You a Candidate for a male vasectomy?

If you’re looking for an effective and permanent male contraceptive solution then a vasectomy may be a right for you. For more information on whether male vasectomy is the best option for you, please read Are You a Candidate.

Pre Op: Preparing for Your Vasectomy Procedure

A list of guidelines and recommendations to follow on the day of your male vasectomy procedure to ensure the very best results.

Post Op: Vasectomy Recovery

Advice and recommendations to follow after your vasectomy to ensure a speedy recovery and to ensure that your vasectomy has been effective as a form of male contraception by testing your semen for the presence of sperm.

Pre vasectomy counselling and health check

A vasectomy is a permanent form of male sterilisation. It is a requirement that you receive pre-vasectomy counselling and a general health check before your vasectomy. Unlike other vasectomy clinics, Queensland Vasectomy offers same-day counselling and vasectomy so you don’t need two separate appointments.
During your appointment, Dr Sheehan will explain what a vasectomy is, the procedure, recovery and any risks. He will also assess your suitability for a vasectomy. Please let Dr Sheehan know during this appointment if you have a history of surgery or trauma to your genitals.
You will be asked about your general health and then Dr Sheehan will examine your scrotum to ensure that your vas deferens can be easily felt. This is to ensure that the No Scalpel vasectomy procedure is the right option for you.
To book your vasectomy with Dr Sheehan and the team at Queensland Vasectomy, call (07) 3180 1505 or contact us online.

Need more information on what is a vasectomy and is it the best male contraceptive option for you? Are You a Candidate for Vasectomy (link) and FAQ (link) have more information, or call Queensland Vasectomy on (07) 3180 1505.

Is a vasectomy the right choice for you? To book your vasectomy with Dr Sheehan and the team at Queensland Vasectomy, call (07) 3180 1505 or contact us online.