Are you a Candidate for a Male Vasectomy?

Vasectomies are one of the safest and most reliable permanent forms of contraception.

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Thanks to improved methods in the vasectomy procedure, getting a vasectomy is now more affordable. At Queensland Vasectomy you pay $480 out of pocket with your Medicare rebate and we offer same-day counselling and vasectomy. The improved method No scalpel vasectomy makes the procedure even safer with a recovery time that is 80% faster than a traditional vasectomy.

Most men are back at work two days after having their vasectomy.

Vasectomies are becoming more and more popular amongst Australian men. There are over 30 000 male vasectomies performed each year in Australia. One quarter of Australian men will have had one by the age of 40. The average age for vasectomy in Australia is 32.

Having a vasectomy will NOT change or reduce your:
  • testosterone levels
  • sex drive
  • masculinity
  • erections

Is male vasectomy the best choice for you?

Most Australian men who choose male vasectomy have had one or more children. They feel that their family is complete and have decided that having a male vasectomy is the best method of contraception because:

  • there are no ongoing costs (purchasing condoms or hormonal contraception)
  • they don’t have to wear a condom or pull out
  • they no longer have to worry about unplanned or unintended pregnancy
  • they care for their partner—vasectomy is safer than tubal ligation or a pregnancy termination
  • their partner will no longer have to remember to take oral contraceptives every day
  • they have decided that they no longer wish to father more children due to the ongoing cost of raising another child or other reasons
  • they have decided to take ownership of their reproductive lives.
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Many men who choose to have a vasectomy find that their sex life becomes more spontaneous without having to worry about an unintended pregnancy.

If you’re thinking about getting a vasectomy, it may not be the right choice for you if:

  • you are yet to father children or are undecided about having further children
  • you are very young
  • your current relationship is not stable
  • you are thinking about having a vasectomy to please your partner
  • you are counting on being able to reverse your vasectomy in the future.

What are the requirements for male vasectomy?

Here are some of the requirements that may be considered before undergoing a vasectomy:

It’s important to remember that a vasectomy does not provide protection against sexually transmitted infections (STIs), so you may still need to use other forms of protection. Your doctor can help you weigh the risks and benefits of a vasectomy and determine if it’s the right choice for you.

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Reversible vasectomy

Vasectomy can be reversed; however, it is an expensive procedure that must be performed by a microsurgeon and there is no guarantee of success. A vasectomy reversal is more likely to be successful if done within 10 years of the original procedure. Many doctors believe that a No Scalpel vasectomy is easier to reverse than traditional methods. This is because the vas deferens is not shortened. A vasectomy should be considered a permanent method of contraception.
If you are thinking about a reversal, a male vasectomy may not be the right choice for you.

Further reading

Further reading to help guide you in your decision on whether a vasectomy is the right male contraceptive choice for you and your partner.

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