After Your Vasectomy

What to Do After Your Vasectomy?

After a vasectomy, your sperm count will eventually become zero. However, there are some precautions you should take after the procedure. Here’s what you need to know!

Go straight home and rest.

  • Resting is the key! Resting reduces the likelihood of complications, so go home and lie down flat.
  • After your vasectomy, you need to rest for at least two to three days. If you have a physically demanding job, then it is best if you take a week off from work or rest at home for this period.
  • Use some frozen peas as your ice pack for six hours (until the local anaesthetic wears off completely), or a bag of frozen broccoli with some water added to it.
  • If you had an abdominal incision, you may feel as if you were kicked in the gut by a mule as this wears off. When that happens, take it easy, don’t move around too much or eat anything.

The local anaesthetic will start to wear off, and it may feel like you’ve been kicked.

You may start to feel pain after the local anaesthetic has worn off. This is normal and usually lasts for up to 24 hours.

You’ll also have some swelling in your scrotum, which should go down over the next few days. Check your stitches every day and make sure they’re not tugging on any hairs as they heal so that they don’t fall out prematurely and damage the healing process (you can use an old pair of scissors around them if necessary).

Don’t shower until the next day of vasectomy because the wound will begin to heal itself in a day.

You shouldn’t shower until the next day. After a vasectomy, you must allow your wound to begin healing itself naturally. Showering too soon will disturb the scab and slow down the healing process, which can lead to infection.

The doctor may have told you not to wear boxers for seven days; if so, follow this recommendation carefully because it’s important to let your penis rest comfortably without pressure from underwear or clothing that could cause discomfort as it heals.

You will have to wear supportive underwear, even while sleeping. We recommend a jock strap or a pair of athletic shorts with a built-in pouch. Avoid wearing boxer shorts during this time, as they do not provide the support that is necessary to keep your scrotum from retracting back into your body cavity.

You should also refrain from doing strenuous exercise—like running or lifting weights—for at least seven days following surgery because this activity may increase blood flow through your body and potentially cause an infection around your incision site.

You may wake up feeling sore, but this will ease off as you stay resting.

You will be given a leaflet with information on how to look after yourself and your family after the operation. You must read this leaflet carefully before going home. You may wake up feeling sore, but this will ease off as you stay resting, and your body starts to adjust within 24 to 36 hours of the surgery.

If you take ibuprofen before or after the procedure, it could affect how well your body heals. If you have any questions about which medications are appropriate for you after surgery, please ask reception before leaving.

If you experience any pain or discomfort in the days following an operation, please speak to our nurse, who will advise on suitable pain relief medication (paracetamol), which should be taken regularly throughout the day for 3 days until the discomfort has eased completely (usually around 36 hours). Please do not take aspirin, as this can cause bleeding into the testicles, which may lead to persistent scrotal pain known as post-vasectomy pain syndrome (PVPS).

You can resume normal activities after this period has passed and if there are no signs of infection or irritation that require treatment by a doctor or nurse practitioner.

Most men are back to work two days after the procedure and can do some gentle exercise. You may resume sexual activity when you are comfortable, but we recommend waiting about a week for your body to heal completely.

Your doctor will give you specific instructions, but here are some general guidelines to follow:

  • Use supportive underwear to support the scrotum and minimise swelling and pain. If you’re unsure whether or not your underwear is supportive enough, talk with your doctor or urologist about finding the right pair of underwear for you (and don’t forget to stock up on extra pairs at home!).
  • Use pain relievers as needed. These medications can help ease discomfort following vasectomy surgery; always follow dosage instructions carefully and avoid taking these drugs more often than recommended!

Checking sperm count after the procedure.

If you’ve had a vasectomy, you may notice a little blood in your semen the first few times you ejaculate. This is normal and nothing to worry about. You must produce the sample and get it to the lab within two hours for the test to be effective. The lab will send the results to Dr. Sheehan, and he’ll call you to let you know to keep using alternative contraception until you get the all-clear.

It’s important to remember that there is no need to rush back into normal activity. The most important thing is to rest and let things heal. You can check out our vasectomy recommendations here.

If you need more information about how long it will take for your sperm count to return to zero after having a vasectomy done by Queensland Vasectomy, then please contact us today at (07) 3180 1505. You can also watch the short video below.